About Us

PC-Gone Recycling Services has been

in business since 2006 providing

Local Businesses, Residents, State

and Federal Departments

Our Company

Safely retire all computers, laptops, servers, hard drives, cell phones, and all electronic items with the best Arizona has to offer when it comes to end-of-life electronics processing and related services.

Responsibly retiring computers and electronics for proper end-of-life asset management is very important. We understand your concerns and that is why PC-Gone LLC. adheres to the highest standards for managing end-of-life electronic equipment.

Our services offered to public corporations, medical establishments, government agencies and finance institutions includes: chain of custody services, data destruction services, asset management and disposition, lease return services and more.

A Partner You Can Trust

PC-Gone has safeguarded our clients’ corporate, environmental compliance and complete brand protection since 2002. We have established a reputation for quality and secure processing of client materials. We offer a robust Quality Management and Environmental Management System along with a complete Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) System.

Security is also a critical part of our offering. All of our materials are managed in secure facilities and processed through R3EWaste's certified and audited waste stream.

We are also very aware that in today’s environmentally conscious world it is important for companies to be compliant with all new regulations. Do you know where your excess, obsolete or unwanted materials end up at their end of life? We offer a host of services for many clients that provide solid financial returns and total brand protection. These include full recovery, re-use and re-sale of products and/or full destruction and responsible end to end recycling. PC-Gone maximizes the recovery value of each asset and component. Our industry leading processes are compliant with all local, state & federal regulations.

Our experience speaks for itself and we know what it takes to be a leader.

We also take data destruction seriously! Please don't remove your hard drive prior to recycling with us. A hard drive can be destroyed in a number of different ways but that does not mean that the data has been destroyed. You want the security of knowing that this very important function is done properly so allow us to perform that process for you. We will issue a Certificate of Data Destruction with our guarantee that your data is no longer accessible.

Typically, companies wishing to dispose of scrap computers would be charged for collection and recycling. This is never required by R3Ewaste.

R3Ewaste will pick up from your location absolutely all of your computer waste. We routinely have trucks picking up from all cities in the Phoenix metro region so whether you are in Scottsdale or Glendale, Mesa or Tempe, Avondale or Paradise Valley, we will have a truck in your area soon!

There is no charge for collection and no recycling charge unless for Televisions. We will make our money through the processing of the items into their raw materials or the sales of useable parts. The one exception is the old style CRT Monitors and Televisions - call us and we'll explain more.


R2 Certified

The Responsible Recycling Practices Standard (R2:2013) certification, which is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a set of voluntary principles and guidelines designed to promote and assess responsible practices for electronics recyclers.

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